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Hello and Welcome To Today’s Health Nutrition Secrets!

My name is Sera Hewes, chief editor at Today’s Health Nutrition Secrets. I’m not a certified fitness nutrition professional nor am I a certified personal trainer.

I am just an average mom and wife, with an overwhelming desire to keep my weight off and stay healthy with the proper nutrition. I want to share my experiences and what I have learned on my journey to a leaner body.

Today’s Health Nutrition Secrets was founded in September 2016 with a very simple vision:

To become a trusted resource where people can come and learn how to lose weight, look younger, feel better about themselves and stay healthy.

Provide the best, most reliable, easy to understand and science-backed health and nutrition advice.

Create and nurture a community of supportive individuals willing to help each other be more healthy and feel more confident about themselves.

Join me in my journey as I show you the secrets to how I lost weight, kept it off and continue to live a healthy life style.

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