How to Fix Uneven Skin Tone | The Best Amazing Secrets

how to fix uneven skin tone

When was the last time you felt confident enough to leave the house without any makeup? Sometimes, we’re just tired. Other times, we can’t really pinpoint what’s off, but our skin just isn’t looking its best. Even if we have no breakouts and minimal redness, the need for foundation and concealer remains. The cause is discoloration. Ranging from […]

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Benefits of Applying Coconut Oil on Face Overnight | How to

Are you still using coconut oil? You are? Great…Then you must ​read the benefits of applying coconut oil on face overnight. In recent years, the Western coconut oil invasion more than made up for centuries of near-anonymity. We went from buying none to spending 163 million dollars on it in 2017 alone. However, that figure actually reflects […]

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How Long Do Fordyce Spots Last | The Best How to Secrets

cellulite shea butter cream lotion

Did you know that the average adult has almost 10 pounds of skin?  ​And another thing: ​A good portion of the dust in the world is just dead skin. ​Cells, nerves, receptors, tissue – skin doesn’t just protect our delicate insides. It plays the biggest role in how we appear, and how we feel about our appearance.   The skin […]

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Negatives of Ketogenic Diet | How to the Best Secrets

avocado deviled eggs

Have you ever tried to induce a state called ketosis?  ​“uh, what?”  ​Let me explain the…  ​Negatives of ​ketogenic diet.Ketosis can happen whether we work for it or not.  ​The keto diet ​​is insanely effective… ​ Is it a good fit for you?   ​Should you do it?  When we don’t eat enough carbohydrates, our body looks for fat to use […]

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Ketogenic Snacks | The Best Keto Snack Secrets

ketogenic snacks

​Have you ever heard of the ketogenic diet? ​You have​? ​Good. ​What about ketogenic snacks? ​What about a ketogenic diet for beginners? ​ By Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt.​I had, but until recently, I didn’t know much about ​them. ​Here’s the interesting part… ​​One of my neighbors was taking a walk around the block. ​That’s when I realized… ​She had easily lost thirty pounds over […]

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Best Blender for Juicing Vegetables | How to The Best Secrets


Let me ask you a question… …would you like to know the best blender for juicing vegetables? ​How big is your kitchen? I know, that’s a rather personal question. ​Is it? ​Allow me to explain… ​Listen… ​…I have been there. Prior to moving into my current home, I had a kitchen with extremely limited storage space. On one hand, I got to practice […]

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