Is Eating Yogurt Really Healthy? Best Nutrition Secrets


Yogurt nutrition secrets: Grabbing a snack on the go? At some point……you’re reaching for a yogurt. I myself enjoy it at my desk when deadlines are looming.​Why do we love yogurt so much?  ​​The reason is simple:It’s easy. Individual tubs are super convenient, and there are a variety of flavors available. You can find an assortment of […]

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What Does Peanut Butter Do to Your Body? The Best Secrets

peanut butter body secrets

Peanut butter body secrets!​Maybe the title ruins my chances of stumping you with this riddle. But wait.I’ll give it a shot anyway.​What tastes great with chocolate, but is just as tasty with celery?​​It’s not salad dressing, jam, or caramel – it’s peanut butter.I know… duh!​People ask me if peanut butter is healthy. Sometimes, they want to […]

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Is Diet Soda Healthy? The Best Secrets Exposed

Country road

Diet ​soda se​crets exp​osed.​Recently, ​we went on a long road trip to visit friends. During ​​our return down a lonely stretch of highway, ​we stopped at a fast food restaurant. ​Usually……this isn’t something ​​we do. But it was easy enough to fashion a salad wrap out of ingredients on the menu. Also, there were a few passable […]

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Why Is Ginger Root Good for Migraines? Best Nutrition Secrets

Migraine headache

​How many natural remedies have you heard of containing ginger root? No doubt, you know that it can relieve nausea.Additionally……it’s an ingredient in many detox recipes. ​As it turns out, one of ginger root’s secrets is that it can reduce pain. Bold promise? Definitely.But stay with me.Recently, I heard from someone who actually uses ginger root to ease […]

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What Causes Hangnails – And How to Avoid Them | Todays Secrets


What causes hangnails?​What do you think about the term “self-care”?Th​is term has long been used in therapy, but it’s now hitting the mainstream in a major way.Need a nap?Take it……it’s self-care.Spending a little more money than usual on a gym membership? Self-care. ​One thing I used to confirm as self-care was a biweekly manicure. Eventually, I […]

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How to Overcome Potassium Deficiency: The Best Health Secrets

baked acorn squash

​What do you think of when I say “potassium”?​Bananas, right?Well, sure.Bananas are practically synonymous with potassium in our culture, and one of the most popular fruits in general. I know… duh!I know… duh!​But clearly, they aren’t enough.  After all……98% of people often don’t eat enough potassium-providing foods!Their diets are deficient in potassium.​I know that more than […]

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Why Is Eating Garlic Healthy? The Best Miracle Secrets Exposed


Garlic Secrets.What’s the big garlic secrets I’m talking about?​How much garlic do you use in the average recipe?A pressed clove here, a diced teaspoon there?In proportion to the main ingredients in a dish, it’s a small amount.What’s the big secret I’m talking about?​But as it turns out……that little addition is big on health benefits.Hey, if […]

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How to Lose Weight with Leptin: The Best Secrets

​Recently, one of my friends was asking me questions about weight loss.I was telling her about leptin resistance, which makes weight loss really difficult.​Her first response?She was wondering if there was a supplement she could take that would help.No doubt she had seen one on shelves before, and immediately made that association.​In short order……I directed […]

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How to Lose Belly Fat Naturally Without Exercise!

how to lose belly fat naturally without exercise

​Can you hold a proper plank?How many crunch variations do you know?Such exercises are excellent for building a stronger core.​The real question is; do they reduce belly fat?Knowing that you can’t spot-reduce fat……my inclination is to say no. For a lot of us, a mix of cardio and resistance training is more effective.​However, I’m aware that […]

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