Smoothie for Constipation in Toddler – Which is The Best

smoothie for constipation in toddler

​​I know what you’re thinking… ​…can smoothie for constipation in toddler really help?  Do you remember your first foray into potty training? ​I know I do. There are so many bumps in the road you don’t expect. For example… …some kids would rather avoid going altogether before even thinking about sitting down on the toilet. And another thing: […]

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Healthiest Cooking Oil for Weight Loss – Which Is The Best

healthiest cooking oil for weight loss

First things first.  3 questions…  What ​​is the healthiest cooking oil for weight loss? What are the worst cooking oils?  What kind of oil do you cook with? If you have your finger on the pulse of various health trends, it’s probably changed over the years.  We began with big jugs of canola oil decades ago.  Next…  …research on the Mediterranean diet […]

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Healthy Smoothies with Cocoa Powder – The Best

healthy smoothies with cocoa powder

​​​Healthy smoothies with cocoa powder …  …​what is your opinion of them? Does your opinion of whether or not something is healthy influence the way it tastes? ​​For me… …I still remember my first green smoothie. As you know, they look like thick liquid lettuce. Right away, our brain prepares us for what it’ll taste like. I said to […]

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How to Make Detox Tea to Lose Weight – Best Secrets

how to make detox tea to lose weight

​Why choose… how to make detox tea to lose weight? Maybe your digestion is a little sluggish lately. ​Here’s what I mean… Summer gatherings and holiday parties lead us into consuming a few more drinks than we normally would on average. ​And the food… ​…goodness gracious, the food. ​By and large, one big reason many choose how to make ​detox tea […]

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How Much Kombucha Should I Drink – 9 Best Reasons

how much kombucha should i drink

​Have you ever tried kombucha? ​​No?… you should.This fizzy fermented tea drink offers a plethora of health benefits. And now, you’re thinking… How much kombucha should I drink? ​First things first. First of all… …you get the benefits of tea. Depending on the exact type, this can include a high level of antioxidants. ​Aside from the power of antioxidants, kombucha is […]

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Magnesium Oil for Acne and How To

magnesium oil for acne

What’s the craziest thing you’ve done on your quest for clear skin? Even if you haven’t done anything drastic, lots of approaches toward healing acne are wildly different. Magnesium oil for acne probably isn’t one of the craziest things… but it will work. ​Want proof? ​Keep reading… ​Because…One sees us investing too much time and money into rigorous routines with […]

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Acrylamide Foods to Avoid and The Best Secrets

acrylamide foods to avoid

​Do you like your food cooked within an inch of its life? You do​! Then you need to keep reading about Acrylamide Foods to Avoid.Because…I’m not just referring to steak, either. I’m talking dark brown toast, crunchy fries, grilled kebabs black on the edges and mush in the middle. Many people like their food cooked “well-done”. ​Recently, […]

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How to Get Rid Of an Ingrown Toenail Overnight

how to get rid of an ingrown toenail overnight

​How to get rid of an ingrown toenail overnight … just the facts.​Ingrown toenail… ​ou​ch! ​Very painful. ​How many times a day do you stop to monitor the sensations and movement of your toes? ​Yeah… me neither. ​But, here’s the problem: ​​It’s totally different if you’ve ever had an ingrown toenail. In that case, you realize just how often […]

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How to Get Rid of Cellulite on Stomach

How to Get Rid of Cellulite on Stomach

​What’s your least favorite part of trying on bathing suits? For many, it’s not necessarily our weight or the shape of our bodies. When you look carefully, it’s the ugly texture of the skin around your waist​ or cellulite on stomach. ​Honestly… …you can be almost any weight. ​That’s when I realized… Cellulite will still be the straw that broke […]

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