9 Irresistible Foods That Burn Belly Fat Fast

The ​9 Irresistible Foods That Burn Belly Fat Fast

9 Irresistible Foods That Burn Belly Fat Fast

​“Abs are made in the kitchen.”

​Does that phrase drive you nuts?

It frustrates me​...

...but only because it’s true.

Squats can lift your behind. Shoulder presses can tone your upper arms. But core exercises don’t give you a flat stomach or narrow waist.

​Indeed, you can do all the crunches and planks you like. The muscle you create will never be visible unless your diet is on point.

​Today we’re talking about the abdominal area.

Irresistible Foods That Burn Belly Fat Fast

We’ll focus on what foods can support your exercise efforts and help you get a flatter, leaner belly.

​But more than that...

...not everyone who has a little bit of a belly is struggling with unnecessary extra fat.

First, you need to be certain whether or not you’re just bloated.

​Is ​it Fat or Bloat?

​For a lot of women, fat versus bloat can be tough to differentiate. Often, this is because we feel fat at different times.

​When you’re feeling bad specifically about having fat on your body, you’re not able to focus on what’s causing the bloat!

You’re crowding out the facts with negative self-talk.

​Here are the main differences between belly fat and belly bloat:

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    ​Fat doesn’t change in appearance throughout the day. You may ask yourself, “Have I gotten fatter since this morning?” I’ve actually heard friends say this and it astonishes me.

    If your stomach protrudes more in the afternoon, it’s bloat. It’s common to notice this and - guess what - feel fat. If you can’t trust your eyes, measure your stomach morning and evening to track the difference.

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    You can’t grab and pull at bloat. Is that a little extra fat on your belly? If so, you should be able to pull it out and hold it between your fingers. Bloated stomachs are firmer and can’t be manipulated the way fat can.

    In fact, in more severe cases of bloating, a distended belly will stretch the skin and make any fat less obvious.

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    ​Fat doesn’t have a sensation. If you feel “full” or experience any pain, it’s bloat. It’s very important to keep track of any symptoms that accompany bloat, as these can indicate why you’re bloated.

​Personally, I’ve experienced both fat and bloat.

Nearly all of us have a little fat on our stomachs, and that’s fine. Actually, it’s more than fine, it’s great!

Let me explain... 

​Women are supposed to have a higher body fat percentage than men. 

Having the right amount of body fat is essential to proper hormone production.

​To be clear, being overweight or obese will always, always, come with health risks

But that little pocket of fat on your lower abdomen?

Stop killing yourself to get rid of it. After menopause, you may want to keep the amount of fat you gain under control, but a little is good.

​Are You Bloated? Here’s Why​​​​

​With proper diet and exercise, belly fat, in most cases, is fairly straightforwardly dealt with.

With bloating, you have to discover and treat an underlying cause. Here are a few common reasons why we bloat.

​1. You’re retaining fluid

Common reasons for this include dehydration and your menstrual cycle. Moreover, hormonal changes during your cycle can lead to swelling from gas. 

menstrual cycle

​These hormonal changes can also lead to dehydration. We often think of dehydration as an exotic or extreme condition. 

As if it only affects desert-dwellers, those with hangovers or people who haven’t had any water all day.

That’s just not true!

​You need to increase fluid intake basically when anything changes.


​Drink an extra glass of water. 

Taking medication?

An extra glass of water.

Bad day with high nerves?

Again... an extra glass of water. 

Have a condition like IBS or diabetes?

Try an extra glass of water.

​With that extra glass, you may find that your body’s not so quick to hang onto fluids. When you hydrate, bloating simply isn’t as likely to occur.

2. Bacterial imbalances and/or digestive disorders​

Of course, issues related to the gut present symptoms in that area.

bacteria germ food

For example​...

...take SIBO, which stands for small intestine bacterial overgrowth. 

​SIBO causes bloating because that bacterial overgrowth inhibits normal digestion. Other signs of SIBO include unintentional weight loss, nausea, fatigue and more.

​Why would I assert that this is a common cause?

As it turns out, there’s a huge overlap between those with SIBO and those with IBS.

IBS affects more than 50 million people in the United States alone.

​SIBO on its own is a very comprehensive topic.

When coupled with a very common yet mysterious disorder like IBS, lots of exploration and research is warranted.

If you suspect this topic is relevant to your bloating, I recommend checking out Kettle and Fire’s Epic Guide.

3. Food you eat

​Perhaps you eat the wrong things, or perhaps you just eat too fast.

fast lunch eating to quick


...I’m no stranger to gulping my lunch down at my desk in under ten minutes. And sometimes, my abdomen swells up in response.

Here’s why.

​On one hand, eating quickly often means you take in more air as you shovel it in and swallow. This causes air to bubble up in the stomach and cause swelling.

​But the larger problem is that we don’t chew our food thoroughly when we’re in a rush. The body may respond in kind as it attempts to break down what you didn’t.

​And more often than not​...

...it’s what we eat that increases our chances of bloating.

Sneaky high-sodium foods can cause bloating, but so can allergies and otherwise unknown food sensitivities we have.

In fact, one of the key signs of Celiac’s disease is bloating.

​That’s why regular bloating should always lead to a consideration of what you eat. From there... a possible elimination diet can confirm the source. 

For many people, gluten, carbs, and dairy are the culprit. And for a lot of us, beans and broccoli will always cause a little bloating.

​Of course, there are more serious causes of bloating.

These include bowel obstruction and cancer, but it’s not as common as the above.

If you regularly experience painful bloating with constipation, make an appointment with your doctor.

​What Is a Prebiotic?

​So what about your belly?

Is it fat, or bloat?

In either case, the foods we’re focusing on today are prebiotic.

Prebiotics, generally speaking, are indigestible, fermentable plant sources of fiber which help good bacteria in the gut flourish.

​After a period of balancing your internal bacteria with prebiotics and probiotics, you’ll bloat less.

However, you may initially experience bloating from the fiber. It should drop off as you continue to help heal the gut and restore bacterial balance.

​​If you do suspect SIBO to be the cause of your distended belly, prebiotics likely aren’t the answer.

The very idea of having an overgrowth of bacteria indicates that perhaps feeding them isn’t the best course of action.

​But for those looking to burn fat off, prebiotics are a must.

​Consider this​...

...insoluble fiber decreases fat absorption.

Do you feel like your abdomen is, unfairly, the key recipient of any weight you gain?

Even though your diet is mostly good and you exercise regularly? Then prebiotics may be the missing link.

​Prebiotics are one nutritional class of interest to researchers for their potential to treat obesity.

It seems that aside from reducing the absorption of fat and calories, they boost satiety, dampening our desire to overeat.

​9 Irresistible Foods That Burn Belly Fat Fast
9 Irresistible Foods That Burn Belly Fat Fast

I encourage you to look further into prebiotic foods. The role they play in a healthy metabolism and immune system is very exciting.

Note: You should also read my article "Healthy Foods That Cause Belly Fat".

Healthy Foods That Cause Belly Fat

​​So, right now​...

...I want to share nine of my favorites to help get you started. You may have never even tried some of these.

​1. Celery

​Yeah, yeah, I know​...

...“Sera, celery is not irresistible.”

But I say it can be if you shift your thinking and add a little almond butter.

Our friend celery is easy to find, inexpensive and has two things you need for a flatter stomach.

Water and fiber.

This tough veggie helps keep you hydrated and prevents fat storage. Lately, I’ve been including it in many green smoothies.

​2. Leeks

​Onions and garlic are among the most common and popular prebiotic foods.

That’s why you shouldn’t overlook their relative, the leek. In the first place, they contain a ton of vitamin K, which is awesome for your bones.

Creamy leek herby soup with toast, garlic and olive oil

​With respect to fat burning, leeks provide plenty of inulin fiber.

Inulin fiber is the exact kind we want to prevent cravings and keep our intestines clean and balanced.

​3. Apples

​This classic piece of fruit can help you get a leaner belly in more ways than one.

They’re a great source of inulin fiber, but they also contain pectin. Pectin is like candy to good bacteria in the gut. 

​I think apples are among the best prebiotics (definitely top nine material) because they offer so many other health benefits. 

They help lower cholesterol and prevent cancer. More than anything, they’re easy to find and carry with you.

​Have an apple on hand at all times. You won’t need to resort to a snack that can end up costing you your waistline.

​4. Asparagus

​Asparagus is another veggie that packs a one-two punch, offering both antioxidants and positive effects on gut bacteria.

It’s very low-calorie and nutritionally complete. Roasted with garlic and lemon, this spring veggie is irresistible once you develop a taste for it. 

​Asparagus contains both soluble and insoluble fibers, so it’s fantastic for weight loss.

Eat a serving or two of asparagus with your favorite source of protein and you may have discovered the perfect meal.

asparagus fried egg bacon tomatoes

Asparagus, fried egg, bacon and tomatoes.

​5. Cocoa

​I’m always extolling the benefits of quality chocolate.

But honestly, I’m not doing it to appease anyone - it simply is that good for you. Cocoa is a prebiotic that happens to be an excellent source of antioxidants.

​I’m also glad to share this study.

It demonstrates chocolate’s positive effect on good gastrointestinal health. As always, the key is to avoid sugar and cream that’s frequently added to candy.

My favorite healthy way to enjoy chocolate is to add organic cocoa to my smoothies.

I stopped using protein powders ages ago because it was just too hard to find the perfect one. Cocoa, banana, grass powders and nut butter seem to do the trick.

6. Avocado...

​The Super fruit (technically it is a fruit). Another positive effect on your gut bacteria.

Avocado goes with just about anything. You can put it on toast, banana bread, brownies, or even pasta.

Believe me your belly will thank you for it.

​7. Seaweed

​Seaweed, primarily dried sheets of it called “nori”, is becoming more and more common in markets today.

On top of being prebiotic, it’s a good source of protein, making it a perfect food for vegans.

​In fact, it’s one of the few non-animal sources of vitamin B-12 known.

9 Irresistible Foods That Burn Belly Fat Fast

​Sushi... salmon, avocado, rice wrapped with nori

Sushi salmon, avacado, rice wrapped with nori

I use nori to make wraps since I’m not such a great sushi chef.

Cutting out sodium-rich breads and tortillas reduces bloating, so your belly stays flatter throughout the day. 

​It’s also excellent on top of salads - just cut it into strips.

8. Oats and Barley

It’s no secret that oatmeal is one of the best breakfasts you can eat for a flat belly. It works rather fast, too, as the fiber cleans out waste buildup in the digestive tract. 

But few of us think about adding in barley.

Barley is a prebiotic fiber source, too - one that provides essential minerals. It’s great in oatmeal, soup, or prepared as you would rice, like in a risotto.

​Oats and barley are both good for stabilizing blood sugar. When you keep your blood sugar stable, you’re less likely to store fat.

​9. Roots (jicama, yacon, konjac)

​All of these roots, which may be new to you, are great for fast fat loss.

That’s because while some are starches (or at least starchy in texture), they’re low-glycemic sources.

For example​...

...jicama root is mostly comprised of water, yet is a good source of prebiotic fiber.

Yacon is often processed to create a natural sweetener.

While it is sweet, it too helps stabilize blood sugar. Moreover, it isn’t a starch, and its sugars are not absorbed by the body.

It’s a ​​​​​curious little tuber that is slowly catching on.

Konjac root, or glucomannan, is also gaining in popularity - as a weight loss supplement.

But it is commonly eaten, mostly as shirataki noodles, or “skinny noodles”. They have no calories and fill you up quickly.

I’d definitely recommend boosting your fiber intake and getting a flat belly fast with shirataki, in place of usual carbs.

​Conclusion ​for: 9 Irresistible Foods That Burn Belly Fat Fast
9 Irresistible Foods That Burn Belly Fat Fast

​The prevalence of digestive disorders today has definitely made our tummies bigger, and it’s not all fat.

If you want a flat belly fast, you need to deal with the source of your bloating.

​For those of us who want to burn off a few extra pounds in the midsection, prebiotic foods can help. They keep the tract clean and bacterially balanced while making sure we don’t absorb and store fats we eat.

​Let me know what you think - are you just dealing with bloat, not fat?

What are your most irresistible fat-burning food picks?

Are you super excited to try shirataki noodles? Share your thoughts and recipes below!

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