How to Have Perfect Skin with Smoothies – The Best Smoothies Exposed

perfect skin smoothie

Perfect Skin Smoothies 

Perfect skin smoothies... I remember when every blogger on the internet started making green smoothies some years back.

 A lot of people were confused or revolted.

Blended greens? 

How could one possibly choke that down?

Aside from doing a lot for the kale industry, the new smoothie boom turned picky eaters onto healthy foods. That’s because we began seeing results in the people who drank these things like it was part of their religion. 

Before we know it, we’re discovering that apples and spinach don’t taste so bad together. 

Pretty great, actually.

The benefits of smoothies show up all over you. Hence, Perfect Skin Smoothies.

It all started with a GLOW!

You can lose weight, and gain a lot more energy. Yet it all started with a “glow” that was evident on the faces of early adopters. Let’s look at what certain foods can do for our skin, and learn how to get gorgeous with smoothies!

Good Food = Good Skin?

perfect skin smoothies

Hydration, collagen, even tone, and smooth texture. There’s a lot to factor in when we’re judging whether or not skin is “perfect”.

Should total perfection be your ultimate goal? The harsh truth is, you can eat a flawless diet your entire life and still never have perfect skin.

That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be trying! 

So please... keep reading about perfect skin smoothies.

This much is certain - vitamins, antioxidants, and other plant-based goodies will have a beneficial impact on your health. 

Reducing risk of heart disease, lowering cholesterol, avoiding certain cancers, and maintaining a healthy weight make it worth the effort.

With that said, let’s look at how dietary choices can affect the skin’s health and appearance.

Collagen is a protein that has a lot to do with how you look. It’s the presence of collagen that keeps tissues firm and connected, and fills out the contours of your face. Sagging, hollowness, and deep wrinkles are often the result of collagen loss.

Want proof?

Precious collagen loss is a fact of life; it happens naturally with age. You can do your best to retain as much as possible by avoiding refined carbohydrates. The reason is tied to your blood sugar, which we’ll examine in depth later in this article.

What’s most important to know right now is that processed carbs are inflammatory. Inflammation, as we know, is the root of all disease and imbalance in the body. 

Slathering on a cream containing collagen, I’m afraid, isn’t enough to negate this.

perfect skin smoothies

Here is why:

The production of collagen, which has anti-inflammatory properties, is hindered by the presence of inflammation. This can be drastically lessened by eating an anti-inflammatory diet.

Inflammation isn’t just an internal boogeyman. It shows up on your face in the form of rosacea, rashes, and pimples.

What do doctors recommend people for obvious cases of facial inflammation? Less processed food, more greens and berries.

Sounds like smoothie time to me!

Hydration isn’t all about topical moisturizers, either. The “glow from within” that we all want to achieve must come from…within. Upping your water intake is one way, but it isn’t the only way.

Fruits and vegetables are very hydrating. 

No really-

Did you know that 20% of our hydration comes from food

If you want to be rid of rough patches and restore bounce to your skin, boost hydration with fruits and veggies. And sure, have an extra glass of water. Or whip-up some perfect skin smoothies.

For the whole lot - dark spots, wrinkles, dryness, etc. - antioxidants and vitamins are the key. Vitamins D, C, E, A, and K are essential to getting skin closer to your version of perfect.

Vitamin D isn’t prevalent in many fruits and vegetables, but can be supplemented or obtained through careful sun exposure.

For the rest, fruits and vegetables are the best most bio-available source.

Diet and Acne - A Closer Look

The majority of people looking to switch up their diet to improve skin are struggling with some form of acne. More than 20 million Americans deal with scar-causing acne, like deep, painful cysts.

Sixty million have active acne - right now. 

That’s right-

Approximately two out of ten people you encounter will have some form of acne.

perfect skin smoothies

On one hand, this makes leaving the house with a big angry blemish a lot easier. You definitely won’t be alone in your anguish. On the other, acne isn’t considered something we live with, it’s considered something we have to be rid of. Something we must cure at any cost.

But wait, there's more:

What really concerns me is that Americans spend more than a billion dollars annually on acne cures. I’m all for a nice skincare regimen, provided I see a return on my investment. We all know that most will see no benefit from half of the products they buy.

The perfect skin smoothies are a cheaper and more effective alternative.

Do our diets make a difference?

For decades, we’ve been warned to stay away from chocolate and greasy foods. 

The idea is that greasy foods equal a greasy face. Others have seen acne clear up once they’ve ditched dairy products. There are many benefits to cutting out dairy, but less acne isn’t always one of them. 

perfect skin smoothies

So what kind of diet truly does improve your skin and help clear up acne? 

It’s thought that it all comes down to glucose levels. These days, doctors are saying acne sufferers should choose foods with a low glycemic load

The caveat? 

People hear this and automatically think sugar and starch are out.

That’s not the case here; glycemic load differs greatly from the trusty old glycemic index. Many fruits and vegetables placed higher on the glycemic index actually have a low glycemic load.

This is important.

For example, beets rate a 64 on the glycemic index, but their glycemic load is only around six. Watermelon is an astonishing 82 on the glycemic index, so forget that, right? 

Absolutely not, as its glycemic load is only eight.

The glycemic load seems to increase as the quality of food decreases.

Processed foods like cereals are about 70 on the glycemic index, and may have an actual glycemic load of 57. A Snickers bar is about 55 on the glycemic index, with a glycemic load of 35.

You can find the true glycemic load of any food on your own. Multiply the number on the glycemic index by the amount of carbs in a 10 gram (0.3 oz.) serving. This is a more accurate picture of how food will affect your blood sugar - and your skin.

What we’re left with here is the same story for many conditions. 

If you want to heal, whole, unprocessed foods are the way to go. The best way to get a whole lot of good foods bearing a low glycemic load at once? It's with Perfect Skin Smoothies!

The Best Smoothie Ingredients for Glowing Skin


Fruits and vegetables stand out as the best foods for radiant skin health. Here are my top picks for use in your smoothies. Add these to your daily smoothie for clearer, smoother, hydrated skin.

I’ll explain.

Strawberries: Speaking of blood sugar, the strawberry is good for your glucose levels. Strawberries also pack more than 100% of your daily vitamin C recommendation into one cup. They’re also a great source of manganese, which aids in collagen production.

perfectskin smoothies

Beets: Beets are one of my all-time favorite foods for beauty. They give you tons of energy for a great workout, which is an excellent way to get glowing. They’re also loaded with carotenoids and folate and may help prevent skin cancer.

Kiwi: The sweetest, brightest little green thing for your smoothie. Kiwis are a good source of vitamins C and K, as well as powerful phytonutrient antioxidants. When consumed regularly, they can even help even out skin tone.

Enjoy this short video showing how to prep 3 Healthy Green Smoothies!

Blueberries: Blueberries are blue thanks to anthocyanins. Anthocyanins help protect collagen by protecting you from damage-causing free radicals. The antioxidant profile of blueberries is very impressive. It's thought that the more richly pigmented a plant food is, the more potency you get per bite.

Spinach: Spinach is great for skin in part because it’s a stellar source of vitamin K. Vitamin K prevents bruising, stretch marks, and many other imperfections that can mar your skin. However, it’s also crucial to bone health. Compared to other greens, it’s my favorite to add to smoothies due it’s milder flavor.

Sweet Potato: Vitamins, minerals, and a deep, vibrant color - you know sweet potatoes are good for skin before the first sip. Sweet potatoes are foundational to an anti-inflammatory diet. I also love that they’re a good source of biotin. Get plenty of sweet potatoes, and you may find that your hair and nails start shaping up as well.

My Favorite Skin-Loving Smoothie Recipes

Berry Bright Skin Smoothie

This smoothie is chock full of rich reds for great circulation and skin-repairing strength. Begin with one roasted beet (peeled, ends removed) and a cup of trimmed strawberries. Add to that approximately half a cup of ripe red raspberries.


Now, toss in a frozen banana for creaminess, and cover all ingredients with cold filtered water. That’s one way to prepare this smoothie, but I like options, and have enjoyed this recipe in different ways.

For example...

You can substitute the water for a cup of tart cherry juice or diluted, unsweetened cranberry juice. If you’re not worried about creamy-smooth perfection, skip the banana and add more berries. Blend on high speed until desired consistency is achieved.

Super Blue Anti-Aging Smoothie Bowl

Yes, this smoothie is served in a bowl, so you can garnish it with filling toppings and eat it like an ice cream sundae. Begin with a half cup of acai puree, frozen. Add in sliced frozen banana and/or mango. Use approximately a half cup of each, depending on how big you want your smoothie bowl to be. Next, add a cup of fresh blueberries.

You can add a nutritional boost in the form of hemp hearts or chia seeds. Finally, pour in approximately half a cup of orange juice (no sugar added, freshly squeezed preferred). Blend until smooth, remembering that this will be a little thicker than a traditional smoothie. Spoon it out into your favorite bowl and smooth the top out until reasonably level.

Now get creative - and decorative - with your toppings. Some of my favorites are dried goji berries and coconut flakes. You can also use granola, more hemp hearts, sliced fresh fruit, pumpkin seeds, and nut butter.

Bye-Bye Blemishes Green Smoothie

Your skin will drink up all of the water-and-vitamin-rich goodness in this skin-purifying smoothie. Begin with a few cups of spinach, packed. Peel and slice two kiwis into rough chunks. Chop up one golden delicious apple or one pear and add to other fruits and veg.

Next slice one banana and toss in. Sprinkle some chia seeds on top. Cover all with cold filtered water and pulse a few times to help process the greens. Blend on high until smooth and uniformly green.


Smoother Skin Sweet Potato Smoothie

This cell-protecting smoothie is very filling and makes a great breakfast on its own. Puree one roasted sweet potato, skin removed. Add in a handful of sliced, frozen banana. Drop in a tablespoon of organic almond butter and a teaspoon of ground cinnamon. Sprinkle in a spoon of flax meal.

Now you can pour in one cup of plant milk, such as unsweetened coconut, and add a few ice cubes. Pulse to incorporate before blending on high.

These are just a few fruit and veggie concoctions that will help you maintain the elasticity and clarity of your skin. I recommend that you check out a few books with plenty of great ideas for nearly everything in the produce section.

Here is a great one for you Red Smoothie lovers!


Famoosh Brock’s best selling Healthy Smoothie Bible is just that - the new gold standard in combining the freshest, healthiest ingredients. Julie Morris’ Superfood Smoothies offers 100 smoothie recipes that promise to improve your quality of life.

The Bottom Line

For better or worse, what you eat will be evident on your face at some point. Sticking to fruits and vegetables with a low glycemic load can:

  • Help keep skin hydrated

  • Reduce collagen loss

  • Calm redness in inflamed skin

  • Clear up acne

  • Improve tone and texture of skin

As always, consistency is the key. Eat a whole rainbow of colorful plant foods daily, and within a few months you’ll notice brighter skin. You might also notice that you have more energy and, dare I say it, weigh less.

I want to know if you think sipping smoothies can make you more beautiful. Are you going to try any of the perfect skin smoothies recipes I shared today, or do you have your own to share? 

Do you think smoothie bowls are the best new way to get your antioxidants in? What are your favorite toppings or nutritional additives, like flax? Join the community and share your thoughts.

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